Company profile

Carmit Mister Fix is part of  Inrom Construction Industries group, which  traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Besides Cramit Mister Fix, the group’s holdings also include the concrete blocks manufacturer “Ytong” and the paint manufacturer  “Nirlat”.

The Company was founded in 1946 and since then has enjoyed a spotless reputation thanks to its wide variety of high-quality products, as well as its technological ingenuity, environmental consciousness and uncompromising quality control.

Carmit Mister Fix’s plaster factory is the largest of its kind in Israel. The factory is run according to strict regulations and in accordance to ISO 9001 standards. All end products manufactured by the company undergo extensive laboratory testing and are fully compliant with the stringent European standards and The Standard Institution of Israel. Products manufactured by the company are ISO certified and are labeled as environmental friendly.

The Strive for excellence is an important part of the company’s core values. Carmit Mister Fix vigorously working on solidifying its position as an industry leader through continuous cooperation with world-renowned corporations such as ARDEX and RPM.

We, at Carmit Mister Fix, are committed to high-quality and innovative manufacturing processes. We highly value the input of our clients and work in close cooperation with them in order to provide tailor-made solutions, along with professional and reliable customer service, and punctual deliveries

The company’s innovative production lines produce a verity of high-quality suitable for a wide range of applications based on market needs and requirements: plaster products, sealants, adhesives, additives, special types of cement, concrete coatings and other materials. A strong sense of environmental responsibility is deeply rooted within the company’s core values. A great emphasis is placed on manufacturing processes and finished goods that comply with green industry standards.

Carmit Mister Fix collaborates with its clientele to fulfil a vision of a better and greener future. Clients enjoy a long-lasting and fruitful partnership that entails providing sophisticated timely solutions while guaranteeing customer satisfaction and ensuring prover on-site training and guidance.

An extensive fleet of delivery trucks and vehicles allows the company to provide its diverse suite of products to any point in Israel within 24 hours. Carmit Mister Fix has a strong presence in hundreds of local DIY and construction shops throughout the country, as well as a multitude of sites constructing hotels, residential neighborhoods, and commerce and industrial complexes.

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